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Covid Update 10.1.20!

Call the studio for new policies and information due to the pandemic.  New To-Go Birthday Buckets are available and we still host in-studio events, they are restricted by state mandates, however.  

The following information was pre-Covid and will resume once we return to regular life!...

$15.00 per Child,
Pottery Included!

Our parties are for ages 5 and up...

What you get:

  • Super-Cute pottery selections for the kiddos... we often have over 30 different selections to pick from!  We have other price points available for large pieces as well.  $15.00 represents our popular series in the
    4 to 5" range that complete easily in the allotted time. 
  • Use of the studio space for 1-1/2 to 2 hours, depending on age of children.  We have counter space for food service & gift-stacking, XM radio for tunes that you like, and you are welcome to cater in food, beverages and snackage!  
  • Assistance and guidance through the painting portion of your time with us.  We serve, assist with detailing eyes, lashes names and accents free of charge, if you wish.
  • All the required clear-glazing, kiln-firing, sorting and packaging of your finished pieces for you to pick up at a scheduled date, in about a week.

Our parties are designed for families to bring in their own pre-purchased paper goods, catering and refreshments.  Drinks, snacks and pizza are popular, but don't forget about sandwich trays or catered choices from local restaurant favorites too! 

We have comfortable space for 10 kiddos at a T-shaped party table.  Parties up to 20 will be seated at multiple tables.  There is very little room for strollers so we limit them depending on size of guest list.   We can accommodate drop off parties for up to 20.  Parties for younger children in the 5-7 year old range that have parents stay in attendance are limited to 10 or 12 guests.  Sorry, we do not have available space for parents that stay with larger guest lists.

Parties are booked in with a $200.00 minimum.  Smaller parties will be upgraded to larger pottery above the $15.00 price point to bridge any gaps in the minimum, based on guest count.  We book before or after hours to avoid conflicts in available space for our drop-in clientele that pop in anytime on weekends.  If you would like a specific daytime time slot during mid afternoon, we can accommodate you Monday thru Friday when the studio is closed to the general public, our schedule permitting.  Weekend time slots are as follows:

10am to 12 Noon or.. 6pm to 8pm.   

Call in for more information and to inquire about availability!

"Do more of what lights your soul on fire". -Rumi

All Fired Up! 
1651 E. Sunset Road #A103
Las Vegas, NV 89119

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